A pink heart outline created through a sinusoidal function
Creating a Heart Using a geom_line() Argument


The code is as ugly as this cable management solution. Courtesy Nate Vack on Flickr.

The Problem

Palindrome shown in a car’s odometer, courtesy of John Meyer on Flickr


Things I Tried

Image courtesy of Bill Smith on Flickr


The Australian wildfires burned actively across the landscape. The fire season in Australia has been unprecedented. The United States has sent Department of the Interior (DOI) and U.S. Forest Service (USFS) wildfire personnel to assist with ongoing wildfire suppression efforts in Australia. Based on requests from the Australian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council, the U.S. has intermittently deployed wildland USFS and DOI fire personnel throughout December and early January. Image from Flickr.

The Pandemic

Fibonacci staircase to illustrate the topic
Fibonacci staircase at St John’s College, Cambridge, UK, Flickr

The Problem

The author stands ready to assist the next customer at the service window. Local news video footage screengrab.
On my first day on the job, a news crew collected footage of the service window while voters turned in registration forms and absentee envelopes.

How I Started


David Vermillion

Telling stories with data to accomplish mission objectives, improve outcomes, increase efficiencies, and boost profitability

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