A pink heart outline created through a sinusoidal function
Creating a Heart Using a geom_line() Argument


It’s easy enough to make a card by hand or with a word processor and some images. For that matter, you can even buy a pre-made card with ease. …

The code is as ugly as this cable management solution. Courtesy Nate Vack on Flickr.

Palindrome shown in a car’s odometer, courtesy of John Meyer on Flickr


The fourth problem set asked to find the largest palindrome as a product of two numbers of size N (specified in the problem). A palindrome is a number with bilateral reflective symmetry (if the digit count is even). 123321, 90000600009, and 33 are all examples. …

Image courtesy of Bill Smith on Flickr


The third Euler Project Problem asks you to decompose a large integer to find its largest prime factor. Sounds simple enough. However, it took me four days and twice as many hours going through multiple tacks before I finally got an answer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feel like a win though…

Fibonacci staircase to illustrate the topic
Fibonacci staircase at St John’s College, Cambridge, UK, Flickr

The Problem

It’s time for the second Project Euler problem set! The problem requires finding the even Fibonacci Sequence numbers below 4,000,000. I calculated the sum of the Fibonacci sequence using this formula:


I have a long history with data. My first experience…

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